Come See My New LV Stuff....

  1. Hi All,

    Well...I've finally gotten around to posting all the loot I've acquired since the end of last year. I've been so lazy to take pics and go through the trouble of watermarking...but I've finally done it and of course I had to share with you guys. And without further ado......
    azurspeedy25.JPG champsbandeau.JPG groomcles.JPG IMG_1340.JPG jacklucie.JPG
  2. and some more.....
    lvoebandeau.JPG miroir.JPG monominipoch.JPG pinkinclubrac.JPG pinkincluhaircubes.JPG
  3. and last but not least....included in this is my beloved brand new limited edition Michele watch...isn't she beautiful!!
    redbandeau.JPG frontmichelle.JPG
  4. Great stuff! I love the LV bandeau...
  5. Whoa! Great stuff... Congrats!
  6. Absolutely amazing stuff!!!! Congrats for all of it :heart:
  7. Sweet collection of items!
  8. WHOA! impressive! :tup:
    congrats on everything!
  9. i LOVE your azur speedy :wtf: everytime i see this i want it even more. your items are beautiful!
  10. Love the speedy! I have the jack and lucy balls too, but in the MC :smile:
  11. Nice the watch :drool:. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Love the speedies and groom cles!
  13. Congrats on everything!
  14. I love the speedy. Gorgeous!
  15. amazing stuff!! BIG congrats!!