Come see my new loot! AC Jet Setter, Jr and Botkier Bella clutch

  1. This was an expensive day, I also have a Balenciaga Day on its way :p

    The Botkier Bella clutch in Bronze from Shopbop arrived, and I got the Anna Corinna Jet Setter, Jr from a sale table in Neiman's. I checked out this bag before, but I thought it was too big for me. It still is, but the color sold me on it. I didn't even know any of the AC bags came in this bright pink! I was also wearing my pink Burberry scarf today, they matched very nicely :heart:


    DSCN0105.jpg DSCN0106.jpg DSCN0098.jpg DSCN0104.jpg
  2. Wow, that pink AC Jet Setter Jr. is GORGEOUS!
  3. Hey!

    Did you see any more Jetsetters or City totes? Was this at Northpark? I'm dying for a pink bag
  4. Yes Northpark. I saw another pink, the regular city tote, but I don't think it was on sale.
  5. lovely bags

  6. great! thanks so much. I'll be there first thing tomorrow. Also if you ever see a girl with a green balenciaga work staring at your bag- its me!:supacool:
  7. Hehehe, what color green? I have a vert gazon twiggy that I love :heart:
  8. its an 06 emerald. :heart:
  9. Ahh, lovely :yes:
  10. That bag is beautiful in pink.
  11. Love that jet setter pink! Looks great w/ your Burberry scarf ;)