Come see my new little purchase! :)


Jan 8, 2007
Nowhere out of ordinary.
I'm so excited to share my small purchase with you guys! I'm not a fan of waiting for things, so am not gonna do a big long reveal, just lay out all the photographs for you guys. I got to thinking one day and I really don't have one, nice, good quality wallet, let alone a Chanel one yet. The interior is actually a burgundy color, not purple, but I took the pics on my cell phone. I really do believe that a wallet is an investment piece, every woman should own a wallet, right? I already love it :heart: It's black lambskin, not too sure of the exact name of it. And I believe that it's a classic wallet, I think, but maybe I'm wrong (maybe some tpfer could help me out with that)? And it was ordered from NM, so don't have to worry about authenticity issues. I'm so excited about this great little staple in my accessories collection! :biggrin: