Come see my new goodies!!!

  1. Here is my new Garden Party Tote in black canvas with black leather trim...isn't she adorable? It is the TTPM size...tiny little thing! I love it, especially with the horseshoe :love:
  2. That is so cute!!! congratulations!
  3. Great bag! love it with the horse shoe! We need modeling pics!
  4. Oh, smallfry, that is just so precious--especially with the horsehoe charm. I know that you will really enjoy this little darlin'. Congratulations!:yahoo:
  5. its sooo cute! how big is it?
  6. Congratulations!!! It's wonderful!
  7. Hehehehe.. that horseshoe is sooo cute!! What a lovely bag too, so classy! Congrats and enjoy!
  8. Lovely! I love the charm as well.
  9. Thanks everyone :flowers: measures approximately 9" X 4" x 6". I think its the smallest Garden Party they make.
  10. Love it and that horseshoe is perfect on it! Congrats and enjoy it!:heart:
  11. It's so cute and I love the horseshoe, congrats smallfry!!!
  12. This is so cute! A great H bag, pretty and practical, too.
  13. So adorable!! Congrats!
  14. How delightful, congratulations:

  15. I think garden party is such a darling little bag - congrats