Come see my new .....dolce!!!! in.....

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  1. I picked up the last piece of Tutti so glad i got it, though its a very small bag, just for basic necessities.....:supacool: but its sooooo cute.... actually i reserved both a Zucca & a MM in Tutti but I figured since I already have a Pirata Zucca and a Spiagga MM I thought i give these a miss this time round.. and bought this cute baby instead... hee:p now I have different styles of the toki up will be a Stellina .... in Vacanze...:yes:
    dolce.JPG backdolce.JPG dolce2.JPG shoulder.JPG Fall series.JPG
  2. Cute tutti dolce! I love the koi and sumo baby on yours. It looks great on you! Enjoy!

    I have one as well but I have Miss Momo and the bubbles and girl on mine and I absolutely love it!

    It really looks great when you wear it with black.
  3. Congrats, teddyraph, on your latest haul! You have the kois on both the front and back!! :tup:They are one of my favourite toki characters. :love: Do you mind telling where you got it from? :graucho:

    Blackwidow : I was thinking that the tutti dolce looks really good on teddyraph and it's probably she's wearing tan so the tutti black and white stands out. I love how the vibrant colours of tokidoki stands out when I wear neutrals like black and brown. I am just wondering if the tutti would look best when worn with a strong colour like purple, red or something bright. would I NEED a tutti dolce?:p
  4. I had the same thought. What would it look like if you wore red or like you mentioned a bright purple or something. I think a purple would look hot since the lining is purple and it works!
  5. I preordered a stellina in Vacanze too, can't wait!! :biggrin:
  6. Mytokiluv, I bought this from Isetan Scotts.. and it was the last piece though so I couldn't have any chance to chose any other prints from... :p but still, its a very cute bag... heee..
    Blackwidow - I think the dolce will definitely look great if we wear with solid color tops, as the black & white print will stand out..
  7. Aww, very cute dolce!