come see my new COACH shoes!!

  1. I picked up these two pair at DSW...they had a huge selection available, i was quite surprised (although my wallet wasn't too thrilled). if you can, check out your local DSW!!


  2. Oooh. Those are haute! Thanks for the heads up. :biggrin:
  3. Holy crap, they are gorgeous!! I have a DSW 5 minutes from me...I need to step in there and see whats what! Thanks for the you mind sharing what you bought those for?
  4. Love them both! :tup:
  5. Let's see....the DSW here is around the corner from Coach.....yeah I think I can work out a trip there tomorrow......

    Those are cute!!
  6. VERY PRETTY!:woohoo:
  7. I love the white pair, can i ask how much was it?
  8. Love the white pair. I think a DSW store just opened near me but I've never been there. I'll have to check it out!
  9. black = $149.95 (originally $248)

    white = $119.95 (originally $178)
  10. Hot shoes!! I may have to make a run to my DSW!! Those are gorgeous :tup:
  11. ooooh those white wedges are cute!
  12. What is DSW? Thanks.
  13. Those are gorgeous congrats!
  14. The white ones are utterly adorable. I wish we had dsw around here.
  15. those are adorable!