Come see my new Chanel accessories - pics! :)

  1. Hi everyone!! :smile: I'm sooo addicted to Chanel accessories, it's bordering on sad/insane haha (but hey, it's better than a crack addiction)! :p I just wanted to share my new earrings, necklace, and sunnies! :smile: I picked up the gold earrings at Bloomingdale's about a week and a half ago (she said it was the last pair there) - and at $130, it was a "steal" haha... I found the icon pearl earrings at NM (if anyone wants these and is around the Westchester area, I'm pretty sure there are two pairs left - or call NM!)... and the necklace at SHM Chanel (it was only one I saw). The sunnies I got from a reputable eBay seller (saved around $150, and considering the retail price, I'll take anything hehe)! Hope you like them all! :smile: Ohhh, and that adorable mini "big" Bloomingdale's bag in the group pic is something I found at a store in Rhinebeck that sells various miniature items (I guess people collect miniatures - houses, cars, anything you can think of)... I couldn't resist it (it would be so cute to give someone a gift in there, but I want it for myself haha). :smile:

    Accessories boxes :smile:

    My cute gold earrings!

    Icon pearl earrings!

    Crystal necklace :heart:

    Family shot :smile:

    Chanel sunnies box (I love the crystal cases)!

    New Chanel sunnies :heart:

  2. You got very nice stuff!!!! Congrats!
  3. i LOVE all of your stuff!! you have great taste!!!!

    you inspired me to post some of my things too!!!!

    thank you for posting and sharing your great things!
  4. wow! thanks for sharing! i love the crystal white necklace!! how big is the cc? thanks!
  5. i love that necklace too! i have seen it in other colors...i think pink and baby blue?

    love it!
  6. Thanks! :smile: The cc is about 1.5 inches x 1 inch. It looks really cute on, and they had a pretty light pink one at Chanel SHM too - I have this necklace in black as well, so I thought I shouldn't have three haha (plus I have a pink/crystal logo necklace anyway). :smile:
  7. Very cute! ;)
  8. Thanks! :smile: Ohhh, baby blue you say, haven't seen that hehe... I have black and white, and I've seen the pink at SHM Chanel (it's really pretty)!
  9. Wow, you've got so many goodies here!! I love the icon pearl earrings, & hey.....I've got the same pair of sunburst sunnies too!:smile:
  10. love the cute gold earings. Does anyone know where I could get a pair in Chicago for that price?
  11. WOW, I LOVE those pearl earrings!!
  12. hi quica! i'm in chicago can try my SA at chanel.... pamela..tell her you know me (Tina Park) and to put you on a list for the earrings. she is really good about locating things.

    312.787.5500 pamela at chanel

    good luck!
  13. oh i want the gold ones too. :push:
  14. Love it!!!! Such cute things, thanks for putting the price in the picture i might have to snatch one of those up myself!!! CONGRATS!!!
  15. Love your accessories, thanks for sharing!