Come see my new bracelets! :)

  1. I bought the sweet monogram violine bracelet and the parme inclusion bracelet in size S! I am so glad that they have smaller size available now!

    Just to give you all some heads up, there will be a new sweet monogram color - Orange/Red coming out in April or May. For inclusion, there will be yellow and pink coming out in March. The A La Folie line will also come in w/ pink color! All the new accessories look very pretty! :tup:
    bracelet 1.jpg bracelet 2.jpg
  2. lovely! congrats!
  3. very, very nice! I want a bracelet one day!
  4. I love LV bracelets! I adore what you got!
  5. Good score! I like the Violene bracelet the most! It's too cute.
  6. Love it! congrats!
  7. OOOhhhh congrats girl...beautiful bracelets...
    so so so cuuuuteeee....
    wear them in good health!!!
  8. I love them both! Congratulations! Thanks for the info on upcoming items!
  9. Congratulations.
  10. i love the color of your inclusion bracelet!!
  11. I love the bracelet. It reminds me of lavender jade.
  12. very pretty! congrats.

    wow, pink a la folie!!
  13. They are so cute, congrats!
  14. yay congrats!!!
  15. Love the it!