Come see my new Boxer Puppy!!

  1. I got a little Boxer Puppy yesterday!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    I've wanted a little dog for so yesterday me and my Husby (who's just as crazy as I am) got one!!! :yahoo:

    She's only two months and we named her Bindi!! She has the brown spot on her head! Awww I love her!!!

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    Bindi.jpg Bindi 2.jpg Bindi 3.jpg Bindi 4.jpg Bindi 5.jpg
  2. omg she is tooooo precious!!! :tender:
  3. She's adorable, I want her! Enjoy the time though, I blinked and my Boxer puppy grew up. Seriously, they don't stay puppies very long at all!
  4. ^^I just saw your Boxer pictures in the other thread from VooDoo...I love your Boxer's face! Love love love it!
  5. ^^ Thanks! I love Bindi's brown spot! It's too adorable! Just a tip, I like to visit They've got a good forums where you can find out tons of info if you need to know anything. The people are all really nice as well.
  6. Oh and I wanted to add that I"m a sucker for a white boxer too, if I get another one, it'll definitely be a white one!
  7. awww!! she's sooo cute in her sweater.
  8. Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to join!
  9. Love her and the sweater! cuteness all around!
  10. She is adorable! :heart:
  11. She's darling!!
  12. Thanks!! I love the sweater! I picked it up right after we got her. She looks so cute in it! My husband was like "A PINK SWEATER!" LOL. I told him she's a girl! Lucky I don't have her in a dress!! :p
  13. She's adorable!:love:
  14. She's adorable! Congrats!!!
  15. Awww! She is precious. I want a boxer so bad. They are the cutest.