Come see my new bag (update from inexpensive purse thread)

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  1. Well I went to the Coach outlet today. When I saw the bag in person, I was only 75% convinced, until the SA brought out this beautiful silk scarf to tie around the handles. The scarf brings more of a "spring" feel to the bag. The best part is that the scarf was $50 and the bag was on super sale for $150, so I did not go over my budget!! However I did buy $500 worth of bags to sell on Ebay. :worried: I may just return them though as it looks like everyone else is selling the same bags.

    Anyway, thank you all for your advice and here is a picture.

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  2. That's a lovely bag! What other bags did you see at the outlet? The only ones I'm waiting for is the optic lurex but not all outlets have them.
  3. Great color bag and the scarf is a nice tough! Enjoy! Thanks for posting pic!
  4. Great bag. Love the color, very "springy"
  5. The only "newer" bags they had were white bags with multi color polka dots in all of the styles, plus the scarves. Other than that it was just the regular selection. Oh, they also had beautiful spring bags in pale green, pale pink and beige in the hobo and a few other styles.
  6. Very pretty! I looove the color :love:
  7. Good color, congrats!
  8. The only thing I remember seeing last time was the dot and some old patchwork bags. Thanks for letting me know and again, CONGRATS! That's one pretty bag!
  9. I like the scarf more than the bag. :lol: And ooohhh did you say pale green Coach bags??!! Which outlet is this?
  10. Nice bag. The scarf looks very good with it.
  11. I'm glad you got the Coach! It was my favorite of your choices. Wear it in good health!

    By the way, what other bags did you get that you are going to sell?
  12. I love the's beautiful. Very rich looking.
  13. the scarf really does complement the bag. lovely colors and incredible price. Enjoy it.
  14. Bag and scarf are a truly lovely combo, very "spring" looking!

    Enjoy! :smile:
  15. That is very cute!