*Come see my new Azur Agenda, MC Wapity, and Black MC Mini Sac HL*

  1. Hi everyone! I just :heart: my small Damier Azur Agenda. I finally took pics:nuts: . Thanks for looking;)
    LV AgendaAzur.jpg LV AgendaAzur2.jpg LV AgendaAzur4.jpg LV AgendaAzur5.jpg LV AgendaAzur6.jpg
  2. I love it. I esp love the first pic. All the lil LV drawers. Very Kimora Lee, but classier.

    PS. What kind of pen is the lil red one in your agneda. Its very cute.
  3. love it, awesome purchase.
  4. This is my new multicolor wapity in white.:yahoo: I :heart: it...perfect for a party to fit my camera and lipstick.
    Thanks for looking;)
    LVMC.jpg MCWapity.jpg Wapity inside.jpg
  5. Adorable - Congrats!
  6. Nice colour combo on the Wapity.
  7. So pretty! Congrats!
  8. Here is my new addition to my speedy collection....my black multicolor mini speedy. It's just so darn cute:love: . My daughter :heart: 's it.
    Thanks for looking;)
    LVMC2.jpg MC mini speedy.jpg MC mini speedy2.jpg
  9. Congrats! I wish I could own one, but all of the digicams I like are big. :sad:
  10. Congrats, congrats! :heart: the Agenda, and all the neatly organized LV boxes! THAT's what I'd love my accessory collection to look like!
  11. so gorgeous, I am going on a cruise this summer and the wapity would be so perfect to hold my camera and cruise card. I will pick this up for sure at LV before my cruise.
  12. Congrats! just gorgeous.
  13. Thanks all! Its the Fisher Space Pen....very inexpensive (around $13.00) and actually fits! It writes great and the cap is very secure;) .
    I would just die to see Kimora's collection:drool: .
  14. I just bought this for my daughter's 7th b-day. It is an adorable bag! Congrats...
  15. That's just adorable! Congrats! I love ALL of your purchases!