Come see my Louis Vuitton Lookbook/Collection!

  1. I love your Tivoli and Alma!! So gorgeous!! Nice collection!!!
  2. Great collection :smile:
  3. Lovely collection!
  4. Gorgeous collection!!
  5. Lovely Collection!
  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection :smile:
  7. Lovely collection~
    I'm actually thinking about purchasing an LV wallet. I looked at the zippy and the sarah wallets in either rouge or pomme vernis. I like that the zippy has compartments big enough for a phone since a purse can sometimes get in the way, but I like the look of the sarah over the zippy. Any other suggestion wallets?
    Newbie member! :p
  8. Nice collection!
  9. it doesn't creep you out that someone else had their (dirty?) clothes in your bag? I totally agree with buying pre-owned for luggage. I'm hoping you'll help get me over my hang-up :p
  10. Love your Gorgeous collection!!! Thanks for sharing! :smile: