Come see my latest Prada acquisition!!! **PICS**

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  1. Here she is! I saw her at my Saks while on a "browsing spree" and I just HAD to have it! It's the perfect slouchy black bag that I've been searching for. The best part is that it has a removable/adjustable shoulder strap so when lugging Owen around, I can be hands free!! :wlae:Very comfy on the shoulder and easy to get in and out of which is imperative.

    I guess this will fill the void of missing out on the black Coffer on Barney's website...:push: (still feeling the pain of that ordeal). At least, it will fill the void for now..hehehe! :angel:

    tpfsaleitems 001.jpg tpfsaleitems 002.jpg tpfsaleitems 003.jpg tpfsaleitems 004.jpg tpfsaleitems 005.jpg
  2. oh my! super cute on you! congrats!
  3. Very nice! Looks great on you, it's nice when you find the perfect bag!
  4. Love it, Alouette! It really looks very pretty on you! Perfect!
  5. That's the one I've been looking at...again and again! I love it...and it looks great on you!

    Enjoy it!
  6. I love it! Congrats!
  7. I have the smaller version of this bag and absolutely LOVE it!! Congrats, Alouette, as this is a wonderful bag!!! :okay:
  8. beautiful, congrats!
  9. oh, i love it. it looks fab on you. congrats.
  10. Much thanks again! It's very comfy too! It was between this bag and another new one that just had the most divine feeling leather! But no shoulder strap, strictly hand held. :sad: If Owen was older, it really would have been a tough decision but I feel I made the right choice. :tup:
  11. Yum! I love the look of the leather- I bet it feels great!
  12. very nice bag..:tup::heart:
  13. i love it!
  14. Ah it's lovely! So pretty
  15. I had the sheer lustful pleasure of having the bright CORAL COLOR version of this bag hanging off my shoulder last month when DH and I were at NM(before my surgery). It's sooooo yummy. I told DH that if I wasn't on medical leave (w/o pay-yuck!), the coral would SO be coming home with me next Saturday (Charlotte tPF meeting day).

    That one is $1450, right? I just remember being stunned to see any Prada under 2K.:wtf: