Come See my Gorgeous Cloud Grey Mini Nikki

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  1. OMG!
    I am in love, yet again, with another RM bag!
    Today I received my pre-loved Cloud Grey Mini Nikki. It is my first Mini Nikki and I completely love the size for me! I tried the regular sized Nikki and I felt it was too heavy and it dwarfed me! I felt it was way too big for me.
    The cloud grey is gorgeous, has alot of depth and color variation, and I LOVE IT!
    It is perfect!
    Look at the yummy puddle of cloud grey goodness that Cooper is modelling!!!!! It literally collapses when set down! (YUM!)
    I am 5'4" and a size 2/4 for reference, and my model baby, Cooper, is 14 lbs! (LOL!)
    What do you think?

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  2. i've been waiting for your thread! :smile: lovely bag. it's truly grey, isn't it? i love the mini nikki size too and will eventually decide on which color to get. thank you for posting pictures!

    edit: i'm not stalking you :smile: i haven't been sitting here refreshing, waiting for your thread, no worries! :smile:
  3. Beautiful bag. I love it!
  4. It's gorgeous!! I'm so glad you found one!!! It looks so good on you I may keep mine after all. ;)
  5. Thanks, everyone!
    I am loving this super-soft leather! It's incredibly soft and mushy!!!!
  6. awesome bag and cute little puppy too! cg is my favorite rm grey!
  7. Beautiful! How do you get your dog to sit next to your bag? I could never get mine to do that!
  8. LOL! He is a camera hog!!! Whenever I get the camera out, he comes running from out of no where (I think her hears the "click" sounds of the picture taking), and gets close to whatever I am taking a picture of and becomes a "dog statue"! He literally won't move! I have to sometimes physically move him out of the way!
    He has the funniest personality, I swear!
  9. Coop!~ I love your CG Mini Nikki! PERFECT shade of grey! Cooper is adorable as usual! The mini is the absolute perfect size for you! hmm......I see additional mini nikki's in your future!
  10. it sure is gorgeous! congrats!
  11. that is sooo precious!:heart: congrats on your great find! I didn't even know they made cloud gray mini nikkis...
  12. That is too damn funny! He must have been a model in a former life!!! LOL!
    The Mini looks fabulous on you. Your cloud grey is gorgeous. Wear her in good health!!

  13. nice bag and cute dog
  14. cooper...I love your bag on you AND YOUR DOG IS THE BEST!!!

    Nothing like a pup that's not only cute, but a purse & camera piggy as well. :smile:
  15. Congrats!!! She looks perfect on you!