Come see my Gold Mini Majorelle

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  1. It is not that much of a mini. Fits a continental wallet, cellphone, keys, lipstick, small hair brush easily.:jammin:

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  2. :nuts:OMG! It's absolutely gorgeous! :love:

    Congratulations!!! :woohoo:

    I have so many questions!:blush:
    How is the leather? Is it heavy? Does it have satin lining? TIA!!!
  3. Oooh looks really pretty! Congrats!!!
  4. Nice! Don't you have a mini Downtown too?
    This is a really pretty bag - Congrats!
  5. Beautiful! Congrats and enjoy!
  6. Thanks everyone. yes, I have a mini downtown also, which I am thinking of selling because I am not getting much use out of it.
  7. What a great little evening bag it makes! Congrats!
  8. my goodness. it's sooo pretty!! lucky you!
  9. So cute... congrats.
  10. wow! the leather is TDF! congrats on a beautiful new bag!
  11. HOw beautiful........congrats on that great mini bag !!!
  12. love it, congrats
  13. Sorry, gr8heart. I just noticed your questions. The leather is a crackle finish, really pretty. And it has a thick lining, not like the one in the downtowns. And it is feather light.
  14. Here's a comparison between the mini and medium majorelle

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  15. Thank you so much for the info and additional pic!

    The patent blue Majorelle is also lovely, but your mini is divine:love:!