Come see my first MJ!

  1. I just purchased my first MJ!! I've had a marc by MJ bag, but this one is the real deal! lol!

    I don't know the name of the bag or any details, I think it is the Multi Pocket? Is it a classic bag......also, is this price good: $654.90 instead of $1095.00?

    I just got it at Nordstrom, and it was marked down, but unfortunately it was a return...there are some minor scratches on the gold hardware, but nothing too extreme...

    I just don't know if this is an "out of season" bag now, and maybe it isnt worth the money I paid, especially if it's a little scratched.

    What do you guys think?
    Photo 154.jpg Photo 157.jpg
  2. Oh it's definitely a keeper!! Love the MP and since you got such a great deal on it, it's even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on a good find! :tup:
  3. I really like this bag - I think it is quite classic. :smile: It is the quilted multipocket.
  4. Beautiful!! Congrats!
  5. very classic and a great starter collection bag!

    great deal too; congrats!
  6. I like that. The quilting is nice.
  7. gorgeous bag! it's called a quilted multipocket. i had one of these from 05 in the icey leather, the same one as kate moss....and as far as clothes and accessories go, if kate's got it, it's pretty darn awesome! you got a real beauty! great price too!!
  8. It's so delicious! Keeper!
  9. gorgeous!! congrats! as far as being out of season... it may not be the current year(ladies help here?) but i think it is PERFECT for winter/ fall because of its heavy, quilted look. i say its a keeper!
  10. it is the quilted mp and it is a keeper, but i don't think it's icey leather, i think it may be from last year, just my guess, if you can take a pic of the inside or let us know if it's suede or fabric, to help us determine the year it's from, regardless the quilted mp and soft calf mp are mj staples, like the venetia, stam and blake, if you have one of those you don't need much else. lol but you'll want more. Enjoy!! Welcome to the land of MJ!
  11. A beauty!!
  12. Congrats! I love the quilted MP!!
  13. ive always liked this bag. its really cute, i say keep it!
  14. Congrats!! LOVE IT!! The small quilted MP was my first Marc Jacobs too!! I love it and you got a great deal!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  15. Congratulations, it is beautiful! I love the chain strap!