come see my first hermes bag

  1. Hi,everyone, this is my first post on the hermes forum but i have been in here for quite a while. anyway i just got my first hermes bag.yeah!!!! i'm so happy because this is the color i want. i got it at the south coast plaza. it was a special order from someone and she didn't want it. so it is mine now!! hehe so now i'm searching for a birgkin bag to be my second hermes.
  2. here is the pic.
  3. Very very nice! Congrats!!!
  4. Beautiful! Congratata's! Is that Chevre in Vert Anis?
  5. ....or should that be Vert Anis in Chevre?
  6. Congratulations. Very chic!!
  7. Yeah! Congratulations! Sellier Kelly! My favourite Kelly style.
  8. Sellier! That's gorgy!
  9. :yahoo: Congratulations! :yahoo:

    That looks very similar to MrsS's kelly. Is it with brown stitching too, nunamwan?

    I am loving sellier kelly more and more.
  10. Mine's a retourne, Queenie. I would be on cloud 9 if mine is a sellier! Honestly! Yes, vert anis with brown stitching is a standard combination like gold with white stitching.
  11. Isn't this one of Greentea's favorites? She is gonna have major DROOL CITY!

    Good for you and I am so glad the person rejected the SO.
  12. I looooove sellier Kelly! Congrats! And a very cool colorway too.
  13. ....and I'm so glad I did come to see your first hermes bag! What a beautiful Kelly..can you imagine someone ordering that and not taking it? No way! But, aren't you glad it happened that way?'s perfect for Spring!
  14. congrats! So pretty...
  15. Beautiful bag!!!