Come see my first First and the duo pic -- plus some encouraging words needed :)

  1. Here's my first First -- Ivory 2007
    I've been wanting to get the first and something in lighter color for quite sometimes now
    I was just held back because I was scared that the light colored bbags will be hard to maintain and cared for....anyhow....I guess I made my decisions putting all the concerns's been over a week and as of now she still sits in the closet....I'm not quite brave enough to use her yet!! Gimme some courage ladies:shame:

    and here she is....tadaaaa:yahoo:


    together with her bigger sister 07 black city (who's really broken in)


    I'm into black, white and all those neutral the duo pic's kinda boring (I know)
    But i'm getting ready to take the new BG home whenever she arrives...and it's been weird that I kinda want a red first too:yes:

    will keep you ladies posted once she gets here:graucho:
  2. I love your white first!!!!!!!!... wear it wear it.. show it off :smile:

    I have a greige city, and I'm a bit scared too but I just try not to hold on to the handles.. and put it on my arm!!..


    you black city is lovely too...!!

    So weird.. I've been having the same thing too lately, wanting somthing pink... and I was actually look at a red first as well!!

    Your getting a BG?.. yay ^_^".. I'm getting a magenta now for sure!!
  3. really pretty. i love the leather. congrats!!
  4. maybe we should have a club of our own...haha

    I've never really like red but it's really growing on me :yes:
  5. the leather is really quite plain actually...very little distressing...I guess the distress just blends in with the bag's off white color...;)
  6. She's beautiful and definitely deserve to see some sunshine or night lights! Congrats!
  7. I love the Ivory First!!

    Take that baby out :wlae: What good is a gorgeous bbag if it sits in your closet!?!? ;)
  8. Those duo is so pretty e_pinpin :nuts:

  9. I LOVE it pin!!!!!!!!!!!! :love::love::love: It's such a cutie!!! :tender: A gorgeous cutie!!!!! :heart::tender::love:
  10. I love them both! The ivory is beautiful - go ahead and wear her! Much too pretty to sit in the closet.
  11. Congratulations!! What beautiful, smooth, ivory leather!!
  12. That's really pretty..Ivory is one of my favourite colours..and your black city is so luscious! Congrats on your fabulous what's next?:graucho:
  13. oh gosh, they are both so gorgeous! that ivory.. mmm! use her girl - she's so pretty!
  14. Girl take it out the closet or take it back, it's not a baby, it's a bag! Enjoy it!
  15. Your ivory is just gorgeous!!! Put some protector on her and use her!! (sounds dirty lol) Congrats on your first first!!