Come see my first Fendi purchase!!!

  1. Hey ladies,

    This is my first thread ever in the Fendi forum. This isn't quite a bag, so I hope you ladies don't mind. But here's my Fendi peep-toe pump!!!! :yahoo:(i would post modeling pics, but I seriously have no idea what to wear these shoes with! :confused1:)
  2. Have these in silver and get loads of compliments every time I wear them! Seriously, wear them with, like, EVERYTHING!
  3. pretty! i love peeptoes. try modeling it with a denim mini skirt =)
  4. oooh so so cute!! i love them. congrats:heart:
  5. omg, silver?! i bet they are divineee!

    Thank you Litigatrix, Flyawayfishey, FendiFan for all your kind words! (i will post pics of how they look with a miniskirt once my finals are done :p)
  6. beautiful, congrats.
  7. Gorgeous shoes! Love them.
  8. Those are great shoes!
  9. These are lovely shoes, are they comfy? they look it.

    Big Congrats:yahoo:
  10. It's so cute! love it!
  11. I love those. So cute!
  12. Those are so cute. You can pretty much wear them with anything you want.
  13. Wow! Very pretty~ :love: Congrats! :biggrin:
  14. OMG I adore them!!! You did a very good purchase! Congrats! Wear them with anykind of skirt or pants that doesnt cover the shoes to make sure we can see them! They are to nice to hide! =D
  15. Cute shoes. Congrats.