Come see my early birthday gift, Indigo Agenda!

  1. My dear sweet SO surprised me by whisking me off to LV earlier today to pick out an agenda!!! We spent some time choosing over several (Mono koala, Epi) but my heart was set on the Indigo Vernis once I held it! It was the last one they had and looked immaculate still so I grabbed it!!!

    Without further ado, here she is:

    She matches my Azur speedy perrrrfectly too!!!

    He originally wanted to surprise me but was scared to mess it up by choosing one I didn't like. Though I told him I would have loved anything he chose! :love:
  2. Congrats-it's gorgeous!!
    And happy early birthday!!
  3. :yahoo: CONGRATS on the Indigo, frannita it's beautiful! You SO is so sweet! thanks for sharing pics!
  4. Gorgeous!! Congrats!
  5. looks AMAZING with your damier azur speedy!
  6. Oh so pretty! Congrats!
  7. The look GORGEOUS together! Absolutely love both. Can't tell you how much I adore my indigo agenda and it takes a beating :biggrin: CONGRATS!!:yahoo: You're making me lust for an Azur Speedy you bad girl :biggrin:
  8. Such a pretty color!!! Congrats on the hot gift! ;)
  9. wow those two look cuuute together. congrats for your bday & being able to find something in indigo, it's such a beautiful color!
  10. Happy birthday~ what a nice SO you've got, how sweet of him to bring you to the store, aw~, and i love ur Azur speedy, Congratz!
  11. Indigo...that's HOT!
  12. Rebecca, Helen, oahctrec, princessDD, mew, evolkatie, Classic Chic and Mr. Authenticator :graucho:

    THANK YOU for your wishes!!! :flowers: It does look great with azur, I'm so glad I chose this one! :yahoo:
  13. Stunning color, congrats!
  14. Happy Birthday and congrats! : )
  15. It´s beautiful!! Congrats!