Come see my dark grey MAC and I need your opinions!

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  1. This is my DG MAC w/ gun metal hw. I have had this baby for a month now. I usually don't do bags in colors. I only buy black bags for unknown reason.. I don't really know why.:shrugs: But, OH NO, I am not depressed!:sweatdrop: LOL. I think it's because I do a lot of colors with my clothes.:thinking: I just think it's a little too much with colorful bags. However recently I have discovered the FUNNESS that colorful bags have!:tup: I recently bought a MAMM in PH too!

    Although I still keep scratching my head to figure out what to wear with my MAMM, I am having so much easier time to play with my DG MAC. It's kinda like black but funner, IMO.

    I thought the color of my DG had a little bit of brown undertone which my friend argued.:lecture: So I am posting the pics. I am currently eyeing on a new MAC in DG from LB. I can only see the pics on their website, but the color looks so much darker to me. So I am arguing with people who think I don't need another bag in DG. :bagslap:

    So please let me know what you think..
    I love my MAC in DG but only hope it was a little bit darker. FYI, I have a black MAC too, well.. I need to correct this: I have black MACs in diff. hws; GM and yellow gold. Also, I am special ordering 2 MACs in black quilted patent w silver and light gold hw, if they ever make into production.. :rolleyes:

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  2. i dont know....i think that the 2 may be too similar....if it was a different style of bag i would say go for it ...but to have 2 macs i feel that they are almost identical in color...
  3. Don't ya wish Dark Grey was Dark Grey? Why are there so many of the same names? :shrugs:

    Here's my opinion: if you like darker bags, if you have an inkling of doubt about this bag, I don't think you'll be completely happy with it. The Dark Grey (a new exclusive to LB) looks to be right up your alley. Dark and versatile.
  4. Comonna - I know I am an enabler but I say go ahead and order the new DG MAC from LB, then you can compare the two. If there is no real difference, you can return it to LB. If you like the new one better, you could always try to sell your current one....:graucho:
  5. ^^Agreed.
  6. I am so glad you guys are enabling me. That's actually what I needed! LOL.

    BTW, can we return pre-ordered item?
  7. Did you get the DG mac from LB? I would like to know what the color is like because I'm considering buying one.
  8. Luna Boston is great with returns...I think the only things you cannot return are some special huge discount sale items, and items they special order for you...but those you know up front as you buy it...anything else can be returned as far as I know!
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  10. I bought this from MOB. The color is different from the one at LB. Mine has a little bit of brown, very subtle brown. The leather's matte and very soft w/ very very little glaze. I could tell the LB's dark grey was glazed very dark grey w/ no brown at all. I was going to buy one from LB to compare but I ended up not getting, because I have too many black bags already and I thought this brownish grey could add a little bit of variety to my collection. I am liking it w/ GM as well.

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  12. Have you tried spraying it with Apple Guard? It could darken it up a shade or two.
  13. This is a newer version of dark grey which IMO is nothing like the original! I would recommend going with either a more neutral grey like Flatiron Grey or Dark Grey Exclusive from LB. :yes:
  14. oops! sorry about that! i didn't realize saying i'd love a dark gray mac was soliciting :sad:
  15. :confused1: