Come see my collection!

  1. Here's my LV collection. I finally have the time to upload the pics...
    LV coll.jpg
  2. Damier canvas bags:
    damier canvas coll.jpg
  3. petite noe bags:
    Petite noe coll.jpg
  4. My mono bags:
    mono coll.jpg
  5. last but not least, mini lin speedy in ebene
    mini lin coll.jpg
  6. You have an awesome collection! I love the variety! Your red epi noe is so pretty! I want a red epi piece but keep chickening out! Thanks so much for sharing your picture, your collection is really so pretty!
  7. Great collection, congrats!
  8. fantastic collection, enjoy!! ;)
  9. Lovely collection!! petit noes are adorable and I just can't get enough of damier pieces.
  10. I love your collection! You have such a great variety of bags, you have one for every outfit!
  11. I LOVE your collection!!!! You have all my favorite bags!!!!
  12. Wonderful collection :smile:
  13. i love your collection!!
  14. Your collection is nice.The damier piec is unique,not common.
  15. Gorgeous collection!!! I love your mc noe!!