Come see my coin purse!

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  1. Isn't it cute? Lol...okay okay, sorry for deviously misleading you here...bash away if you must! :sweatdrop:

    I've had this for half a decade already and it sort of just stuck. I pulled this buddy out a couple times in front of my coworkers and needless to say they were practically ROFL, LMAO, ROFLMFAO, etc.

    I need some suggestions for a new coin purse...nothing vernis, I can't seem to put dirty coins in those nicely colored patent leather pretties.

    Any ideas for me please?
    Resize of Hokkaido Coin Purse 001.jpg Resize of Hokkaido Coin Purse 002.jpg
  2. OMG Lol that looks like a pea with eyes (trying hard to be a little cerise)

    Its funny!
  3. ahahaha
    soooooooooooooo cute~!
  4. hahhahahaa~ you got me! How about one of those mc coin purse thingies w/ the two compartments. My friend is trying to convince me to get one in white mc, she thinks I need more LV accessories, lol. I think they might retail for 300's, maybe 335, but on ebay you can find them for half retail, just saw one go for 150, w/ 12 shipping, it was black mc w/ a nice patina on it, lovely.
  5. lol that coin purse is soo cute. As for a new coin purse how about a cles?
  6. Aw, that is cute... I love it.

    I wouldnt even wanna change it! haha but if I had to .... try a zippy coin?
  7. How about a mono cles?
  8. It is ADORABLE, can't help smiling looking at it! :smile:
  9. I use my 8 year old Mono cles for loose change, and it's still going and going ... like the Energizer bunny, lol!
  10. that's a cutie! do you still want something round or rectangle like cles? mono or marina rounde?
  11. Hehe, I can see why your co-workers were ROFL! That is too cute! Agreeing with those who suggested the mono cles!
  12. Haha cute. How about the Groom round coin purse?
  13. that so cute..:love:
  14. maybe,if you water it, it'll become a cerise.... ;)
  15. That is such a funny & cute coinpurse! Where did you end up getting that little baby?

    I got a Vernis Pomme cles for my coins but sometimes I don't want to use it for my coins but I make myself because otherwise it will just sit around just looking pretty :lol: