Come See My Chocolate Sig Ali Slim Flap!

  1. I LOOOOVE this bag! :tup:

    For the longest time, I didn't even know it existed, and then I started thinking about what kind of bag I really wanted for my birthday. I called and asked them if they had any slim flaps still available and then asked if they had any signature styles. After being on hold for a few minutes, she came back and told me that they had it in choc signature! I'd never seen it before! It's style 10338.

    I have almost all leather bags, but love the chocolate signature, and I love my Alis but they get heavy at times. This is the best of both worlds for me!

    This slim flap is the perfect every day bag for's much lighter but still fits a ton, and I love last year's shape and bold turnlocks!

    The best part? I was able to use my merchandise credit without breaking my ban since it's for my birthday!:graucho:
    IMG_1096 (Large).JPG IMG_1095 (Large).JPG IMG_1098 (Large).JPG IMG_1097 (Large).JPG
  2. Oh my!!!!! That is a GORGEOUS bag!!!!!!! I absolutely love it!!!! Such a beautiful color. I love the shape! And the lining is TDF.

  3. Tejas Mama, that is an awesome bag! Congrats! You know how much I love all things Ali! I love chocolate signature as well.
  4. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY HER!!!!!!!! And she looks GREAT on you!!!!
  5. Liz,

    Yes, we are kindred Ali souls!

    I love mine, too, but they've been getting heavy for me, especially with my ongoing back issues. It tucks beautifully under my arm; I think the drop length is perfect for me.

    I'm going to save my other alis for when I need to carry more stuff-work meetings, etc when I need notepads, more gear, etc. This is just a great all-around run around town bag.

    Do you think they made bhe black/brownstyle in last year's hippie?:graucho: I know, I I'm pushing my luck!
  6. Lal and Mommyville,

    Thanks so much! I think I'm addicted to legacy lining, and dark brown is my favorite color....

    I'll try to post more pics with my stuff in the bag so you can see how much it fits...I just wanted to get these pics up...I'll try to do it soon.

    I have a feeling my other bags are going to be jealous for awhile....

    Hm...I wonder if I need another slim flap in leather....I know, I know...the ban thing. Got it.:shrugs:
  7. CVERHOFF just bought the hippie in the chocolate signature like your slim flap!!! She posted AWESOME pics!!!! It's a GREAT bag too!!! can you tell I am a chocolate signature fan??? LOL....
  8. Cverhoff's pics were awesome and made me want a sig hippie very badly! Of course, she's gorgeous, her kids are adorable and she loves baseball, so she's got a lot going for her!

    I'm quickly becoming a choc sig fan!:yes:
  9. Oh, you just HAD To post pics! :rolleyes: I had no clue the chocolate siggy existed and now, of course, I WANT .. no NEED one!!! Thanks a lot!!! :roflmfao:
  10. Here are a couple of pics with some goodies inside...I thought I posted this but I guess it didn't go through....

    Fieldinspring...This is a GREAT bag. I think you should get one, too!:p
    IMG_1099 (Large) (2).JPG IMG_1100 (Large).JPG
  11. congrats! that slim flap hangs really well on you! :biggrin:
  12. love it!
  13. Very nice...congrats on you new bag. I love the brown signature too.
  14. It is super cute! Congrats!
  15. I want one! How much is the Slip Flap in Signature? Do they have many left at JAX?