Come see my belted hobo in parchment!

  1. I bought myself an early x-mas prezzie although I'm not wearing her until Christmas! I love this Ergo!!! This is my first non-Legacy leather piece. Do I need to use the leather care products on it? If so, do I do it now before wearing or later when it needs a pick-me-up? TIA.... Here she is!!!!!!:nuts:
  2. beautiful!!! :tup: Thanks for the eye candy!!! :yes:
  3. sooo purty!!!! Great choice!!!!

    I'd just be careful wearing white with dark wash jeans, that's all. otherwise just take care of it like you do your other leather bags.
  4. Oh, it's so pretty! I saw the parchment in person and thought it was gorgeous! Congrats!

    I'm not 100% sure on what products to use on it. I'd think applegard would be OK to use on it now to protect it. I'd wait though on some other gals to chime in!
  5. WOW, she is reaaaally gorgeous!!!! I LOVE the look of a white bag, especially an Ergo piece! I'm sure these lovely tPFers will help you w/ the care of our new bag, or you could always email cust. service on I'm sure they would be glad to help you. Good luck!
  6. Oooooh she's beautiful!!!! I love the belted look!! :tup: :girlsigh:
  7. That is a lovely bag! I have the same bag in plum, and it such a comfortable bag to wear. I did condition my bag before using it (I tend to do that will all of my bags - hoping maybe it'll make any little marks that may happen less likely to stain) and it was fine. The white will probably need a little more care, like someone said especially w/possible color transfer from denim.
  8. Thank you guys for the great compliments! I'm excited! I really love this bone color. Just something about a white bag that makes my heart flutter. LOL :p I think I will condition it before wearing, thanks for the info, donnalynn11.:yes: ummm..denim transfer?? is that when your purse rubs against your pants? If so, I should be fine. I'm 5'10" and that never happens to me. Thanks again!
  9. about eye candy, I saw your haul from the outlets!!! Now THATS some eye candy! LOL ...I still need to post on that thread...I was speechless when I saw all the yummies!:wtf:
  10. I love that ergo in white, it is gorgeous!
  11. I love it! I just got one in plum and its so great- i didnt realize how rooooooomy it is! and pretty too- ive had lots of compliments already!
  12. Beautiful!! I did the same thing with the lily. I bought her in November and it's still sitting in my closet. She is not coming out until December 24th at midnight!
  13. I just LOVE the parchment color. I had the large Carly in parchment but decided to return it after I read about jeans rubbing off on the light colors. I still love that color tho!:yes:
  14. THIS IS A GORGEOUS BAG!!!!!!!! :tup: I AM ACTUALLY EYEING THIS IN PLUM! I tried it on in my boutique yesterday in brown and was literally drooling over it. I'm surprised they didnt make me buy it with all my drool!!!!! :drool: How does it feel on you? Congratulations on your beautiful purchase!
  15. She's GORGEOUS!!! Congrats and enjoy!