Come see my Belted Ergo Hobo!!!!

  1. I just picked up my new Belted Ergo Hobo yesterday and used it today and I LOVE it! Here are some modeling pics:
    100_0372.JPG 100_0373.JPG
  2. And some pics of just the bag:
    100_0375.JPG 100_0376.JPG 100_0377.JPG 100_0378.JPG
  3. Wow... Very Pretty! Congrats
  4. I love the studs on the strap! Great bag!
  5. Is that the medium or large? I love it! I am considering that one too.
  6. It's the medium. I'm only 5'0" so it looks a little big on me.
  7. Thanks! I think it looks great!
  8. love it, congrats!!
  9. Don't you just love it!! I have one in the signature fabric, and I love how it fits on my shoulder!!! Beautiful bag! Enjoy it!
  10. It looks great on you!! I'm 5'1" and am thinking of getting that gorgeous bag!! Enjoy it.
  11. congrats! :tup: love the eye candy!!!! ;)
  12. Wow, that bag is HOT!!!!! I love it! Congrats!
  13. LOVE it!
  14. Now why did you have to go and post a pic? I was kinda on the fence about the belted ergo and now I want one!

    Like right now want one!
    jk.... thanks for posting, it's a gorgeous bag and it looks great on you! :smile:
  15. holy shnizz, that's awesome! my PCE card is calling to me haha