Come see my b-day haul! No waiting!

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  1. None of them match or really go with each other but I don't care! I'm not a matchy-matchy girl!
  2. #2 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    Great haul! I have the Bleecker denim sig shoulder bag too and LOVE it! And that steel sabrina is TDF. Congrats and Happy Bday!

    Just noticed, we don't have the EXACT same bag... mine is a flap, but they're close :smile:
  3. Cute stuff! Happy Birthday!
  4. ooooh love the sabrina! congrats and happy birthday!
  5. Great haul. I Love the Sabrina.

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Mines in 8 days!!
  6. Nice goodies! I love the steel Sabrina.

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
  7. Very nice! That little flower on the bleeker is too cute!
  8. Ohhhh I love me some bleekers...mine is teeny, but after my surgery that is all I could carry...teeny! LOL! Ohhhhh I love it! You are lucky b-day girl! Love the decorations in the background!

    The Sabrina is TDF and that Bleeker is so flippin cute with the patent leather and the flower! Lovely Heritage stripe colors too!

    Happy Birthday!
  10. WOW!!! What an awesome haul!!!! Everything is amazing!!! Especially the Sabrina, and I love the denim bag, is that a Jenny? Really cute!!! Love the zip around wallet and skinny too! Congrats and Happy Birthday!!!
  11. Great haul and happy bday!
    I'm coveting a steel Sabrina.
    This isn't helping me!!!!

    Love the Jenny too!!!

    Congrats and have a good one!
  12. Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

    Great Stuff! I also have the steel sabrina but in small... Love her. Awesome things!!!
  13. awesome stuff! and thanks for not doing a reveal!
  14. Love love love your new goodies. Sabrina is gorgeous! Happy birthday!
  15. Thanks guys!

    The blue Bleecker is actually a Jessie. They were at my Nordstrom Rack for $135!