Come see.. I finally pick it up cruis costume jewlery :)

  1. Em.. I am still debating if I should keep it since it is a bit chunky .. what do u ladies and gents think ?

    it is a necklace and can use it as a bracelet as well :smile:



    Sorry I know it doesnt really match but I am just trying it on to see how it looks :s
  2. cute! I love it! :tup:
  3. I think it's quite big to be honest...but to each his own. It must have cost alot considering the size. If you love it keep it. Do you LOVE it?
  4. Very cute!
  5. i think it would look better with a much longer necklace since the heli is quite chunky.
    the shorter the necklace, the chunkier the heli looks...

    but besides: I LOVE IT!
    it's soooo cool!!!!!!!!
  6. Whoa! Its big, but its real nice. Its different, but in a good way :smile:
  7. I like it! It's different! I'd get an extender to make the necklace longer...but I'd say it's a keeper.
  8. OMG I love it !! may I ask the price ?
  9. ^I agree with you!
  10. I really like it!! KEEP!
  11. Nice for a night out! Just watch it, so you don't hurt anyone with it while giving it a go on the dance floor. Or while making swift turns.
  12. I like it...
  13. It is a little big for my taste, but I think you can totally rock it and look great!
  14. too mc hammer for me, its really big! But if you want to rock it then by all means! :supacool:
  15. Wow, I like it, it is a bit big, but hey, it's costume jewelry! Congrats!