Come!! See!! Finally!

  1. A week before, I got my first Miroir, which is a Silver Miroir Pochette from eBay... It retailed around $680 with EMS shipping to HK.. I was ok with the price but after seeing it.. I had second doubts with it because it's too small.. BUT I decided to keep it instead because it's such a beauty!

    Finally! With the help of my friend.. I got the Gold Miroir Lockit... And she's such a sweet darling! She stuffed some surprises for me inside the Miroir Lockit without even telling me before! She's so sweet and thoughtful! She got some surprises for my Little Lulu which is due sometime soon! Come see them! :biggrin:

    The First Pic is without Flash, and the Second Pic with Flash. :nuts:
    DSC04859.JPG DSC04860.JPG
  2. So pretty, congrats!
  3. My Silver Miroir Pochette, Brand New Condition! :biggrin: First without Flash, Second With Flash
    DSC04855.JPG DSC04856.JPG
  4. woohoo another miroir lockit owner...congrats on your absolutely stunning purchase!!!
  5. Gold Miroir Lockit...
    DSC04858.JPG DSC04857.JPG
  6. Absolutely stunning!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  7. And the little surprises she got for me! :biggrin:

    She got me my favorite chocolate which is not available here in Hong Kong.. Hershey's Kissables! A cute booties for my Little Lulu and a Pink Jumper that is sooo adorable! :biggrin:
    DSC04863.JPG DSC04864.JPG DSC04865.JPG
  8. Rebecca, bacchusgirl & pursegrrl: Thanks! :biggrin:
  9. Congrats!!! I love both. :drool:
  10. What a beautiful DUET your two bags make! Congrats!
  11. Thanks John & Lucida! :biggrin:
  12. Very nice miroirs! Congrats! I bet your baby will be dazzled.:smile:
  13. Your friends so lovely.
  14. congrats!
  15. Thanks mariska, hanim & Novbunnie!

    This is my first (after I sold my previous LV collection..) LV again! I was thinking what to get for my next LV purchase.. Hehe!