Come See Come See!!!!!

  1. i just received my beautiful new ring-i'm absolutely in love! (don't mind the chipped nails-it's definitely time for a touch-up)

  2. OMG its gorgeous.
  3. that's beautiful! congratulations :smile:
  4. It is beautiful! congratulations!!!
  5. What a great cut on that stone and such a beautiful shade of it!!!
  6. Ooooooooooooooooo pretty!
  7. that's a beautiful ring.
  8. oh, this is really pretty!
    I love the design and the blue stone! what stone is it?
  9. swiss blue topaz, beautiful jc :drool:
  10. Your ring is gorgeous :heart::heart:
  11. i keep coming back to look. I love this ring.
  12. so sparkly...congrats :smile:
  13. gorgeous ring!!!!
  14. Awesome! How big is the center stone? You wear it well! Congrats!!!
  15. Beautiful ring! I love the color!