Come say hi to my first LV in 5 months!!!


Jul 30, 2007
LOL, it's been such a long time! As some of you might know, I've been on a temporary Chanel kick but now I'm back to LV! Which makes me so super happy. Anywho, I've been lusting over this baby for so long now, so today I just decided to skip class and skip the gym to go into the city and buy me one of these! I'm *supposed* to be on a bag ban (but I always am) and as usual, I broke it. I wanted to get this for my 20th bday last Saturday, but didn't...but I just couldn't live without it! I hope you're not sick of seeing this one already...luckily I only took a few pictures!

To all the people who might be on the fence about this one: GET IT! It's so lovely and soooo comfortable - by FAR the most comfy LV I've owned! And it's seriously gorgeous! Now I just have to get some more goodies to fill it with!

My monkey, Mobo, snuck into the picture, along with some H goodies I got for my birthday!

Thanks for letting me share! :dothewave:



Jul 11, 2007
haha! i love how u are covering up the fire execution procedures! what if there was a fire? lol. anyway! beautiful bag!