Come Say Hello To My New Girl

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  1. Here she is, my lovely pre-loved 06 Rouille Twiggy. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I was really hesitant at first about buying pre-loved, but I am glad I went for it. She is simply gorgeous! The first pic is of her by herself, and the 2nd is her and my Rouge Vermillion city!


  2. Such a gorgeous bag and perfect for all year around.:tup: I love your two little girls. They look so cute together. :PCongrats.:yahoo:
  3. Both your bags are GORGEOUS!!!! CONGRATS!!!!
  4. It looks brand-new! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Congrats girl!!! :yahoo:Rouille is even more gorgeous in person!!!:nuts::nuts:
  6. NICE!!!!! congrats!!!!!:wlae::wlae::dothewave:
  7. really nice!!!:tup:
  8. Loooooove :heart::heart: THAT BAG!!!! So darn hot! Congrats!!!
  9. Great bag, congrats....
    I want a red bag!!!!!
  10. Gorgeous!:tup:
  11. I am so jealous - they are both so very delicious!
  12. they're adorable, you can't go wrong with red :smile:
  13. SO BEAUTIFUL! Congrats! I love the pic of them together, very adorable!
  14. Gorgeous bags! Your red family is HOT!
  15. she's beautiful!