Come Play in my Closet - Redux - Paris LV

  1. Thank you! I love her soooo much more then I thought I would. I can't seem to put her down!

    Awwwwe... that's sweet, thank you!

    Thank you very much. I get a lot of enjoyment of our my bags, especially now that they no longer live in their Jammies!

    Wow... thanks!

    Hahahah... I appreciate the compliment but I'd almost enjoy a black eye more than I do the LV Website! OMG it's horrible!

    Thank you!~

    Haha... Okay I'll try to buy everything in the line and that way you won't have to screw with the website. That thing is a nightmare!

    Nope... she's a goner! I have no room for bags I don't carry. She's been sent to the dungeon (the downstair's closet)

    Ooooh the best one is almost here... it will arrive on Wednesday ... I can hardly wait!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Please keep drama off the thread. Take it to PM. Thanks!
  3. Is it Wednesday already in your part of the world?!?!?! Reveal reveal!! :lol:
  4. NZ is worse than Australia unfortunately. You have an amazing, extraordinary closet of treasures. I'm 35 and totally open to being adopted you know. Hahaha. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  5. OMG!!! What an absolutely GORGEOUS collection!!!:loveeyes: I am soooooo jealous, I have several items that you do, but WOW!!! Fabulous!!:love: Please excuse me now, I have to pick my jaw and computer up off of the floor.....hehehe!!!:lol::woot:
  6. Unbelievable i browsed it from page 1 till now all those funny story.. Your 1st Lvoe , your kitten pooey girl soo cute! Your life is so blessed . Used it in good health! And thank you for sharing your love with us here!
  7. Love. It. All. Adopt me? ;)
  8. nice collection
  9. Wow.......
  10. This was awesome!
  11. Wow Paris you are my hero, thank you so much for sharing your amazing and growing collection!