Come play Barbie! Daily pic of my doll's designer duds (and handbags, of course)

  1. OMG!! How cute!!! I didn't know they made all this designer stuff for Barbie.
  2. Does your Barbie own any Vuitton?
  3. Great pics!
  4. barbie totally has nice fake boobs. lol!

    love it
  5. Today's pics!

    Casual day! Barbie says, "Go Red Sox!!!"


  6. okay, here is the one that sits on my desk. You forced me to do this...

    dodger Barbie.jpg
  7. ^^^^Yahoo!!! Bags came to play!

    I love the Dodgers too, I had such high hopes for us this year...oh, well! DH is from Boston area, so I root for the Sox, too!

    The top she has on is from that doll! No Boston Red Sox Barbie, so I had to improvise.
  8. ^^^yeah I doubt they would have done any worse if she was actually on the team. could have sat in for Kent when he was out with a broken finger nail or whatever....
  9. a slide show for you:

    "I got it, I got it!!!"
    dodger Barbie.jpg

    dodger barbie got it.jpg
  10. ^^:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    :heart: IT!
  11. This thread is too cute. Can't wait to see what Barbie has on tomorrow.
  12. I have a feeling this thread is gonna become a favourite :love:

    And omg bagnshoo you're HILARIOUS :lol:
  13. I love this thread!!!! It's so cute! And Barbie has good taste in teams!;) My hubby would LOVE this! I love her litte Red Sox hat!:heart:
  14. How cute!
  15. Soooo cute!!! Does Barbie have Bbags collection? :biggrin: