Come play Barbie! Daily pic of my doll's designer duds (and handbags, of course)

  1. Well when I posted my 40 doll bags I got for my birthday someone requested a daily picture. I thought that was a great idea! Please join me and post your pictures too. Blythe can't have all the fun!

    Here is today's installment.

    'Natalia' is here St.John dress, CL sandals and Birkin bag!




    **designers are just my what I think they look like
  2. wow. I'm gonna have to get my Barbs outta the basement now....
  3. OK now that is just tooo cute for words, look at her Birkin.:sweatdrop:
  4. bahaha..cute! Barbie is better dressed than I am.
  5. OMG! I love this!! This is going to be a daily thing? I can't wait!!!
  6. ok I know this thread is gonna be a guilty pleasure for me..because I'm a barbie girl.
  7. nice... may I know where she gets her hair done? :p
  8. [​IMG]

    not calling your barbie a "b" word...but i really wanna be her...just one day lol
  9. That is awesome!!! :smile:)
  10. THIS is fantastic! I miss Barbie!

  11. LOL...La Salon de Twinkle.tink...I re-did her hair. This is how she looked new, very straight hair!

  12. Yes! Someone to play with!
  13. That's ok, it's true...She has everything!!! Her wardrobe far exceeds mine. Not to mention she has a bunch of cars; mercedes, porsche, mustang, range rover, just to name a few, plus a yacht and a private plane.

    Plus she never gains an ounce!
  14. No need to miss :graucho:, you can still play!
  15. Hmm...this is pretty too. Oh, I would like to make an appointment to do my hair at the La Salon de Twinkle.tink. I promise I will post pics :yes: