Come pet my PONY CITY!....She won't bite....

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  1. Hi! :yahoo:

    Some random pics of me and my Natural Pony City and Brown Pebbled Boobie.....

    I also have the matching coin purse....I know a lot of people do not like the pony bags but I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! :love:

    what do you all think?!

    oh p.s. sorry for the face in the 2nd pic...hahaha.
    0000krisandbal.jpg 00000krisandbal2.jpg
  2. cool bag! and you are so pretty! :smile:
  3. I like it! Do they make a spotted pony bag, do you know?
  4. yes, they made a cow print one. I was LE for Hong Kong....and very rare...I have seen one on eBay a while back for like over $2000 :wtf:
  5. Well for that kind of $$ I'd rather have a Chanel, but thanks for the info!
  6. I love it and it looks great on you too. You are very pretty and so is the bag. :yes: I have a pony in ivory and pink with the crystal studs. It's different but I love it.
  7. OMG, she is gorgeous! I'm getting more and more into the pony bags...I've only seen a few IRL and everytime I do, I complement the person that is wearing it!

    What a fun (and unique) bag to have!!
  8. They actually release the cow print here in the U.S. Neiman Marcus carried both "the shoulder" and "the day" in those prints. They were on about $200-$500 more than they would cost in the classic leather versions. They also did a dark orange calf hair with cafe leather trim (like the first pic on the link i'm posting below).

    I believe the bags are actually calf hair and not pony hair. They use the term "pony hair" because it sounds more luxurious.
  9. You are both gorgeous!
  10. wow, i usually don't like the pony hairs, but that shade is pretty cool.! congrats!
  11. I actually think the pony hairs are great (I have my eye on a makeup or shoulder).

    Yours is an excellent specimen, and it looks great on you! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Wow! That's a lovely pony and it looks fab on you! Gorgeous!!!

    I have a black pony coin purse that I carry in my Black Purse bag, and I love my little pony!:smile:

    I could never carry a Pony Bag though. Live in Scotland, too much rain. Wet Pony = :yucky:
  13. That's a pretty pony alright!! :yes: Congrats!
  14. Your pics made me laugh!

    I opened the first one, and there you are smiling and I smiled too - coz you seemed sooo happy to have the bag...

    Then I opened the second one, and thought she cant be over it ALREADY!

    Hee hee hee

    Congrats on your new bag!
  15. Gorgeous Bbag!!
    Gorgeous Bbag owner!
    What's not to like? :p
    Congrats on a great purchase!!