Come on, you know you want one....

  1. Admit it, you want it.

  2. No! I want TWO of them!!
  3. I called to order one but I'm on the waiting list. :sad:
  4. OMG, that's too cute :nuts:

    where did you find that?
  5. I'm in Texas, and I always see flattened toy armadillos sold, i.e. roadkill, but I have never seen that! hehe

  6. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  7. Oh yes.....this is HOT!!!

  8. Sorry, didn't mean to upset you :sad: I don't really like them, but from a pure commercial perspective, I think they are ingenious. I do see armadillos (every once in a while) walking very slowly around my neighborhood, and I am always afraid someone will run them over.
  9. :wtf:
  10. OMG that rocks! I would certainly buy it! Where can you get them?
  11. I have one....gets more attention than a Balenciaga..that's for sure!
  12. I hear Keira Knightley keeps one stashed in her I'm Not A Plastic Bag.
  13. I'll keep it right next to my dead tinkerbell bag,
  14. Gina, where are you getting your info??? I think you should double check your sources.

    I heard Reese Witherspoon carries it in her brand new Louis Vitton bag- the new one, that cost more than a Mercedes Benz. Also, now her ex Ryan (they are going through a divorce) is pissed that she is spending so much money before the divorce is final.

    That's what I heard anyway.
  15. I think Ryan is just pissed he didn't get custody of it.