~*Come on you enablers - enable me to finally buy the Manhattan PM*~

  1. Right guys, I'm setting you all a mission!!

    I want you all to encourage me to buy the Manhattan PM:heart: (which I seem to have been lusting over for way too long now!)

    You can persuade me with comments and/or photos - just try your very hardest to win me over ;)

    By the end of today I want the Manhattan PM in my shopping cart - and that's that!! ;)

    Your mission is set...
  2. i think its a really cute bag. it was one of my favorites, but now its on the back burner because of all the new stuff that's coming up soon.

    and in my opinion you don't have to worry about the buckles since those pockets are more for decoration.

    go for it!!!!! :smile:
  3. GET IT!!!:dothewave:
  4. I saw one out on the street yesterday. Beautiful! Go get one lucky girl!!!
  5. The only word I can use to describe that bag is classy. There is just something so super elegant about it. I hope you get it so I can lust over the pics you post.
  6. GET IT....YOU'LL LOVE IT :yahoo: Got mine last month :heart:
  7. Thats how I feel about it :yes:
  8. The Manhattan PM is a great bag. Get it and post pics so we can all drool.
  9. i want it..so you should get it!!! LOL

    it's chic, great everday bag and going out bag! small but fits the essentials.
  11. [​IMG]
    Uma says...."You know you want it gorgeous..... get it!!"
  12. Get it! You have to -- you know you can hear it calling to you ... saying "I'll be perfect for you, buy me." Don't let the bag feel rejected when you ignore its pleas...buy it today!
  13. The Manhattan is by far one of the most prettiest bags in the regular Monogram Canvas! It is on my wish list. :graucho:

    GET IT! :party: GET IT!
  14. lets race.

    i will put it in my cart if you don't..by 5pm pacific time!
  15. it's a beautiful bag! get it!!!!!