come on ladies, what in your opinion is the all time BEST BRAND of naik polish?!


Jun 21, 2008
I wanted to ask all the nail polish fans out there, what is your go to brand? What works best for application, staying power, colour and texture?

Are there any brands that you avoid like the plaque? Thought this would promote a bit of conversation!!!:P

I will start the ball rolling, I love OPI. There, I have admitted it. It is the BEST polish I have ever tried (and over the years I have tried a lot!!). It goes on well, has unmatched staying power, and the colours are sooooo different. Even the price doesnt put me off, I refuse to pay sallys prices (in the uk opi retails at appx £11 a bottle!), and source all of my OPI from a trusted store on ebay (dont know if I can say the name, but I will gladly let you know if you send me a message!).

With regards other more expensive brands, I have to say that I dont like revlon. The application isnt great, it streaks and it chips like hell.:crybaby:

I have all the usual suspects for cheaper polish, rimmel isnt bad (60 second rubbish aside) and I can tolerate nails inc and collection 2000, but only when used with seche vite.

I have tried china glaze once, but I had had a glass of wine at the time, so I dont know if the poor application was down to me or the zinfandel!

let me know what you think, it may save us money in the long run, as we can stop buying rubbish in the hope that they work!!!

PS. I understand that what works for some doesnt work for others, so please dont be offended if I have been rude about one of your favs!!!:heart:


Feb 6, 2008
Essie for sure! They have the best white for tips. And plenty of sheer colors. I actually don't like OPI because it is way too thick and streaky. I only wear pale colors so this could be why.


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Oct 30, 2006
#1 Sally Hansen
#2 Essie
#3 OPI

Love SH, good texture, easy to apply and lasts longer than Essie and
OPI! :tup:

Don't really like OPI because it is thick! :tdown:


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Apr 8, 2007
OPI and Essie for (sheer, light colors only--I feel Essie is too thin and I have to apply 3 or more coats for darks and brights)