Come on Ladies - What happened at the SM meet?

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  1. Spill, spill.
  2. Are you a mind reader bluecat- i was just getting curious myself- ladies where are you????
  3. Hello, I'm here :biggrin: Sadly for me I have no new purchases to report. (Well, actually I do, but not from SM)

    Did come away with a couple of marvellous Mulberry hangers though :lol:

    Was great to meet Tote girl and Snowshoe and to see Sarajane and Ali-b again. Also met two veeeerrrry patient Mulberry husbands too. Hats off to them both! Sorry about the fish and chips.
  4. No just incredibly nosy
  5. Yes, tell us!!!!!!!!
  6. Yeah, very quiet....Maybe they fainted from exhaustion due to the massive purchasing frenzy....:P
  7. #7 Jul 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2009
    We had a lovely time and it was great to meet Snowshoe and her very patient DH!

    Poor man came all the way on the promise of fab fish & chips only to find out just as they'd decided to go for lunch that it had closed 10 mins earlier!

    There were some fab bags, far more choice than Bicester, loads of keyrings, initials, hearts, zodiac charms, purses and agendas.

    Some purchases were made and I may be off to start a new reveal thread.......
  8. :faint:

  9. Oh SJ, a list and some reveals would be fab!
  10. Well me and DH had a wonderful time with the girls and ali- bag-pussies DH, and yes there were lots of lovley bags to drool over i bought a bag will do reveal tomorrow as i am so tired, and i also bought 3 keyrings.

    I feel very proud and honored to call you all my friends , hope to meet more of you in the future. xxx
  11. Ohhh goody, more reveal.... have a good rest Mr & Mrs Snowshoe!
  12. Glad you all had such a good time:biggrin: Looking forward to more reveals soon:yahoo:
  13. LMM, you wouldn't expect anything less, I'm sure! Me go to SM and not come out with something???? :biggrin:

    OK, list - this a memory one as I was too busy chatting to take notes.

    Ostrich Mitzy - turquoise/lipstick
    Ostrich Bays - lipstick.
    Ostrich Poppy - white.
    Ostrich agenda - white.
    Ostrich zip around purses in white.
    Green Maggies.
    Green Somerset tote.
    Green Somerset messenger.
    White Agyness.
    White Bays.
    Lilac Mabel.
    Turquoise Mitzy tote.
    Pale pink Mabel.
    Fuchsia Mabels, reg & little.
    Patent Somerset tote in fuchsia crinkle.
    White Sam messenger.
    Alex clutch in red and blue patent.
    Choc Jacquettas.
    Denim Poppy.
    Green snakeskin Poppy.
    Charlie clutches in snakeskin, pink, green & blue.
    Charlie clutch in gold.
    Purple ostrich Bays.
    Lipstick Bays.
    Teal Anthony.
    Grape antique glace Anthony.
    Grey Jacob messenger large & small.
    Woody in choc.
    Lots of Mabel purses - blue, pink, orange, yellow.
    Lots of white zip around purses in various styles.
    Flap over long purses in pale green, lemon.
    Denim Maxi Mabel.
    Fawn Poppy satchel.
    White crinkle Mitzy messenger in bargain bucket but quite marked on the back.
    Champagne Mabel hobo.

    OK girls, I can't remember much else - anyone else pitch in??
  14. True SJ ... wee teeny weeny bit predictable there ;)

    Off to drool over the list now .. !
  15. ...cuddly toy, portable television, microwave...
    SJ-You'd have cleaned them out on Sale of the Century:nuts: