Come on one has tried Eve Lom Cleanser?


Aug 16, 2006
It's my most favorite cleanser ever!

It goes on greasy - but I actually love it. I smooth it in my hands, all over my face, and then I use the muslin cloth (it's actually the muslin that I love most of all), and my face is super-duper clean once I'm done. The muslin and the cleanser get everything off, and even though it goes on greasy, it doesn't feel "dirty" on the face. It's seriously amazing. My skin NEVER breaks out anymore (I have basically had 1 pimple in the past 18 months (that included an entire pregnancy too!)). It feels like a totally luxurious treatment for the face. I didn't use it during my 1st trimester of my pregnancy, because I was concerned about all of the essential oils. But once I was past 20 weeks, I started using it again.

Other favorite cleansers:
Jurlique soothing cleanser
Jan Marini BioGlycolic
Suki Exfoliant

But the Eve Lom - Loved it so much I actually repurchased it! I turned my mother on to it too.

I follow it with the Jurlique Skin Balancing Oil...and it's just beautiful!