Come On In.........

  1. Lets wait together for all those New sale bags to arrive. In this Chloe lounge there's an open bar, free appetizers, and a Chloe look book( from past and up coming seasons):p. So lets keep each other company so the wait won't seem so long.

    I will start off, I was waiting for a quilted Bay in canelle **:tispy:bartender I'll take a cosmo** but she has arrived and I am so smitten with her as she fits me perfectly:yahoo:! Although my bay has arrived, I think I will hang out in the lounge as I may be ordering a bit more with all these lovely sales:yes:( not to mention the free drinks and

    So come on in, order a drink, grab a bite to eat, and tell us what you have coming to you:woohoo::drinks:!!!!
  2. We'll special order a huge plasma TV that's computer compatible, so that we can all peruse the sales together on NM, Bergdorf Goodmans, even eBay? as we sip our cosmos (and the new Oprah drink, Pearl Pomegranate Martinis)!!

    Bring your existing Chloe's so we can try them on. We need to fine tune our tastes for the specials deals that lie ahead! :drinkup:
  3. Great idea Susie:woohoo:!!! I think I will go over to the bar now and try that new drink;).....
  4. Well sad to say but I have nothing new on the way:girlsigh:, but I'll sit and chat with you all over some appetizers and drinks:drinkup:....."excuse me, do you have deep fried calamari here?"
  5. Nothing on the way for me either. I would like to have a maitai and chili fries please:drinks::popcorn::drinkup:
  6. Hey- move on over there and let me scoot in! I'll bring my bags for a mass fashion show and try on yours' too. All while drinking durtee martinis! Somebody order up a queso and artichoke dip. I am dreaming of winning the lottery and having lots of patent capsules in different gorgeous hues. And I would like a purple patent Edith - wouldn't that be cute?
  7. Yep eating, drinking, yaking with purse obsessing ladies and shopping online collectively.....well now life doesn't get much better than that now does it!!!!!!!!!!:happydance:
  8. Make room for me, sounds like my kind of fling. I'll have a cosmo while I'm waiting for my patent dome paddy AND I presaled a black quilted Bay from NM, so with that said, I'll wait for my new bags and watch you gals spend, spend, spend--think I'd BETTER be done spending for a while (unless a really great deal comes along:rolleyes:). Hope you gals share that queso and calamari --2 of my fav's.
  9. all right ladies..... stop hiding the loot whip out those bags so I can try a few on! llson, can't wait to see your bags when they arrive!..*** hey bartender keep the drinks coming.. by the way any spring rolls on that menu?*** Brought my bags, here try my east/west zippy what do you think of it?!?
    Btw, I think a purple Edith would be HOT!!!!!
  10. Hey - I have wanted one of those for a loooong time. Ever since I saw it IRL on one of my ex-job's shopping trips to LA. I thought I would have one by now. *hic*
  11. Divna, I hope you brought that front pocket paddy! I'm dying to see the color because that is my favorite style in the paddington line:drool:.

    **Mona, so glad you ordered the calamara, it really is very good here!**
  12. I havent got anything on the way here, either, but I just got a chocolate medium betty and that will do...
    I'd like to drink cava (Spanish champagne) to keep me going while I admire and try your bags and decide what to get next (lets assume I have won the lottery)...
    i will have soft-shell crab (if i remember the name correctly)...
    This lounge is getting very CHIRPY...
  13. Oh NO - Honeychile - I already have a front pocket Paddy. I think I do - see my avatar. I want to buy more patent capsule Paddies in different colors from the black one I just bought. Hello - am I greedy or what? Don't answer that question. It is sempre 'rhetorical' - comprende? So today of all things (inspired by my sister) I bought some Fendi boots on sale - the "Selleria". They resemble the Paddy Prince boots with lots of strapping. Whaaa?! - I would rather have Chloe boots but my feet are too big! So I am just 'trying these on'. What are the chances of their being perfect and then I will have to keep them? Okay - MORE vino. Even though I am just about to leave for a party at my other sister's house where there will be lots of wine. Happy Christmas Eve to all my Chloe sisters!!! I :heart: you all!!! SWAK!!!
  14. Hey, everyone! I'm waiting on the Taupe Patent Beata tote from NAP, couldn't resist at 60% off. I'll hangout and relax with ya'll for a while. I'll be the designated driver and have a virgin daquiri. I figure ya'll need someone to sober to drive you to the next sale...:graucho:
  15. I may bring my son's new memory foam "bean bag" chair and stay all night! After all new purses (boots, shoes) bargains pop up at all hours of the night. Naturally some ibuprofen wouldn't hurt either!!