Come on in! There's Something for Everyone!

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  1. #1 Oct 9, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2010
    I have been in love with this bag since I first saw the preview last year. And I just HAD TO HAVE IT. Luckily my Mom agreed!

    Here it is: Something for Everyone in Grey Moonshine


  2. Where?! Where?!
  3. It looks kind of green here, but it is very grey. I'll take a photo or two outside today and post them later.
  4. Beautiful!! This one always intrigued me! Looks like the studs are different...some studded...some flat? Looks gorgeous! Enjoy it!
  5. Looks like the perfect size too!! I love the studding--just enough--not a ton!
  6. Yes, there are raised and flat studs. It is AWESOME! I kind of want to marry it.
  7. :lolots::lolots:
  8. :roflmfao::lolots:
  9. A couple of photos outside:


  10. Oh WOW!! That's SO pretty! :girlsigh:

  11. GORGEOUS!!! Looks like the perfect grey too!
  12. Here is the bag on my niece. It is a bit long on her since she is only around 5'4. I'm 5'6 and a 1/2. :biggrin:

  13. :faint: What a hot bag---love those studs!!!!:yes:
  14. OH!!!!! What a fantastic, edgy bag! I love studs and anything that's slightly edgy, and this bag is a show-stopper. I like the fact that it's a beautiful, subdued color... but then it's got this rock-star vibe to it with the studded strap. Such a perfect combination of neutral plus knock-me-down fabulosity!!!
  15. OOOBoogie just AwEsOmEnEsS!!!! Love it!! And I win the prize for guessing... see I pay attention!! haha Enjoy it, its gorgeous.