Come On In, Opinions Welcome !

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    Harsh: Demure Burlesque star Dita von tease cuts a striking contrast to Sharon's bold look
    Coquettish Dita von Teese, dubbed the 'Queen of Burlesque', shows off some diamond earrings at the pre-Oscar dinner

    Love love love Dita's look and earrings. But what the hell was Sharon thinking ? Her outfit looks like Victoria secret pajamas. But I love her hair and make up.
  2. love dita, she's awesome and beautiful.

    with sharon it's always a hit or miss, this one is more a miss, lol.
  3. My first thought about Sharon Stone...bad Cruella deVil wannabe:nuts:
  4. Sharon's outfit is woeful!
  5. LOL that's what I thought too :lol:
  6. Oh that is so right on.....
  7. There are no words for both ugly outfits......I guess they wanted to make a statement....but it looks like something to wear to a Halloween party.
  8. Nobody likes Sharon's Make-up and hair ?
  9. I was just going to comment on Sharon's hair and makeup...she looks beautiful! Classic and polished! The outfit, well...

    Dita always looks flawless!
  10. The makeup is fantastic, but I feel indifferent about the hair...
  11. Sharon Stone is probably single-handedly responsible for the brutal murder of hundreds of poor animals. She's gross. I can't look past the death around her neck.
  12., where was the Halloween party held, anyway?
  13. sharon looks liek the the evil lady character from 101 dalmation..:roflmfao::p
  14. Sharon looks like she should be hanging out with hugh hefner in those pjs. Her makeup is flawless though. Only Dita could get away with that dress.
  15. She just wants some press.