Come on in for a little STRIPPING! My first (small) H purchase...

  1. This is a very small purchase, so I know this won't be much of anything new to you devoted H gals, but I'm incredibly excited. I feel like I've been at least partially inducted into the H club!

    So the LA/OC tPF gals got together today at SCP, and the SA at the H boutique was absolutely wonderful- she gave us a concise history of the company, treated us to some champagne, and was incredibly patient with [​IMG] me when I wanted to look at a couple of items... and, it turns out, I just HAD to have the first little thing I tried on...

    Here's a pic of its bag in my Robert Wilson/LV Reade PM (sorry, was too lazy to get my real camera from the car downstairs, so I took it with my MacBookPro...)

    So here's to a little S T R I P P I N G .... I need some encouragement, gals, because this is my FIRST striptease.... :smile:
    Photo 1.jpg
  2. woo hoo hurry up i am pooped!
  3. I love the colors - what is it?
  4. A bit unclothed....
    Photo 2.jpg
  5. OK----more----
  6. I always love the H striptease :graucho:.

    Please be quick! :nuts:
  7. Come on, we can be a BIT more encouraging here.... :p
    Photo 3.jpg Photo 4.jpg
  8. woo hoo another strip, take it off baby
  9. i haven't seen those bags before they are cool but look hard to hold! lol
  10. Take it off! ;)
  11. :woohoo::woohoo:
  12. hurry, i got a hungry teen breathing down my neck
  13. Here's some more.... egg me on, cause I'm still nervous!!!
    Photo 5.jpg Photo 6.jpg Photo 7.jpg Photo 8.jpg Photo 9.jpg
  14. ... to quota from "Dude Where's My Car"...

    "And then.....??" :choochoo:
  15. ^^ Well, you cited a seriously profound movie, so you alone got me to post more pics... heehee
    Photo 10.jpg Photo 11.jpg Photo 12.jpg Photo 13.jpg Photo 14.jpg