Come on in and share your April/May purchases with us!

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  1. I'm on a purse ban myself, so I would love to see your pictures! :biggrin:

  2. Yay! I'm the first. :yahoo:

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  3. Here are mine and Zena's modeling pics. Enjoy. :jrs:

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  4. Zena is too cute! Congrats!!
  5. jessicaelizabet : Congrats!!! Zena is so cute!

    :yahoo:just bought this classic small caviar flap w S/H

    small flap.jpg
  6. ^ Did you get it in Singapore? Looks cute but it doesn't look like the usual mini flap! In your modeling pic, the flap looks bigger as compared to the solo pic below? LOL, sorry to ask because I'm a little confused. If you don't mind, what are the dimensions? TIA!
  7. ^ :Push:..maybe I'm too skinny
    yes, bought it from our local boutique (S'pore)

    sure~ no the pictures :
  8. Congrats again, Jessicaelizabeth. Zena is adorable!

    Sunbeamy, congratulations on your mini flap! The mini flaps are so cute, I love them!
  9. Is this A35200? So that's Mini flap.

    sunbeamy, can you wear it with double chain? Or this is meant to have single chain only:shame:

  10. Thanks sunbeamy, I think it's the newer version of the mini flaps? It looks just like those little ankle flap bags lol. How much did it cost if you don't mind me asking? I didn't see it at the boutique that day. I was all over the Day Glo LOL!
  11. Thanks you Beautylicious!:love:
  12. You're most welcome!:flowers:
    hmm...I'm not too sure whether is this the newer version of the mini flaps? keke...cos this is my first mini.:shame:
    price is S$2900/-
  13. yes, this is the A35200Y01588. It can be wear it with double chain.
  14. Jessicaelizabet, good purchase and grest modelling pics!!

    Sunbeamy, love your mini and you look great with it! and love to see all your beautifull dresses too.....
  15. Thanks sunbeamy! You always look great in photos + with all different dresses.
    I wish I can wear dresses more often, & not wearing jeans all the times :Push:

    May I suggest you to start a thread that capture all photos you posted in the past (+ more in the future). I know you have a lot with Chanel in action! ;)