Come on athletes we got to do better!! Tennis player tested positive for Cocaine use.

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  1. Hingis banned for 2 years after testing positive for cocaine at Wimbledon last year

    January 4, 2008
    AP - Jan 4, 7:24 am EST
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    LONDON (AP) -- Martina Hingis was banned for two years Friday for testing positive for cocaine at Wimbledon last year.
    The International Tennis Federation said an independent anti-doping tribunal found that Hingis, who announced her retirement Nov. 1 on the day she revealed the positive test, had committed an offense.
    The 27-year-old Hingis denied using cocaine, but the tribunal rejected suggestions there were any doubts over her sample.
    Although the five-time Grand Slam winner is now retired, Hingis' suspension is backdated to Oct. 1. She has three weeks to contest the ruling and punishment.
    The ITF disqualified Hingis' results from last year's Wimbledon and any subsequent tournaments she played in. She also forfeits any ranking points gained and $129,481 in prize money.

    Hingis provided the sample after losing 6-4, 6-2 to Laura Granville in the third round at Wimbledon.
    There was no immediate reaction from Hingis, who dominated women's tennis between 1997-2000 by winning three straight Australian Opens, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. She was twice a runner-up at the French Open where her loss to Iva Majoli in 1997 stopped her winning all four Grand Slams that year.
    Hingis returned to the sport in 2005 after a four-year absence because of injuries.
    When announcing her retirement at a news conference in Zurich, Hingis denied ever using cocaine.

  2. I find this to be such a waste. To have such talent and achievements and then the need to do coke AND deny it. I just don't get it.
  3. Good thing I will never raise my kids to think athletes are somehow also "role models" for simply being able to hit balls around or throw them into hoops.
  4. Good point! people put too much focus on athletes as role models...IMO
  5. That's exactly right, they are not role models, they are human just like the rest of us, make mistakes like the rest of us. The shock and outrage from the public when these stories come to light is funny to me as though celebs, athletes are held to some higher standard and are supposed to be perfect. The majority of these people don't do what they do to be role models.
  6. I don't get it ...:tdown:

    so much talent and to screw it up with drugs...
  7. I grew up loving Hingis!! **so sad**. Anyway, next!!!
  8. So she did some coke...big deal.
  9. I haven't had any respect for this woman since she talked all that smack about the Williams family a few years back. She runs her mouth too much.
  10. Well, it is a big deal if say she was your doctor. Or the guy who just hit your car. Or the kid dating your daughter...
  11. One would pretty shocked to hear about all these atheletes doing drugs. I mean their career for goodness sakes keeps them fit, and wouldnt running around throwing balls around make one feel good because it releases energy? I just dont understand the point of using drugs. But then people get really compeititive and do anything to win. But i dont understand the cocaine use
  12. Well, there's a different between doing coke, then operating on someone or doing coke and then going out for a joy ride. Was she doing that? Coke isn't a performance enhancing drug, per se, so more than likely, she was having some fun and did a bit, then a couple of days later, tested + for it after a game.
  13. But where do we draw the line Charles? It's the attitude of "so what?" that gets me about these people. Coke DOES change you... perhaps not performance, but it does change a person. How many people are in prison for doing sh** while on a drug? TONS!

    And if ANYONE should know better, it's athletes. They know they are going to be tested. It's not like she drank a beer or ten, she consumed an ILLEGAL drug.
  14. The line is that she was doing it on her own time and not driving or operating on someone.
    How many people are in prison cause of stuff they've done while drunk?
    So in that case, I assume you're against all drugs? Alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine? Alcohol and cigarettes affect tons of more people in a negative way, but they're ok cause they're legal.
    So yeah, to me...if she's doing it on her own, on her own what?
  15. ^^ Hey you,
    Cocaine is a hell of a drug - Rick James

    and as long as she keeps using, it stays in her body even when she is playing. thats what