Come ON 5:00!!

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  1. The yoyos are fab and so are the miss marples. If the actiivas are uncomfy, get something else. It was not what you wanted anyway. The other two are keepers!!!
  2. i love the nude yoyos!!! miss marples is so pretty too...i agree with the others about returning the activas if they are uncomfy...i like the way they look on your feet though :smile:
  3. They look great on you :okay:

    I love that excitement of knowing you have a package waiting for you - my BF has just called to say that he has picked up a box from the post office today and I'm like a cat on a hot tin roof :happydance:. It's almost worth buying CLs for those hours excitement :roflmfao:
  4. They are all lovely. The Activas do look too small though. The Marples and Yoyos are stunning. Congrats!