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  1. Ok guys my pictures are hideous. My DF took them, and getting him to take them was like pulling teeth! Hes not a very good photographer.
  2. First, the Activas. Pictures arent great, and they HURT my feet. Does it get better?


    And the Miss Marples, which fit like a glove, and are SO comfy! LOVE these!


    AND...DUN DUN DUUUN! My Nude Patent YoYo 110s Arrived today!!!!!!


    I am in LOVE with my nudes! And I have the VPs coming soon! Love the color!
  3. Man he REALLY sucks at taking pictures! Those Marples look awful!
  4. WOW I love them all!!! However if the activas hurt keep the other two and return those!
  5. They REALLY hurt, in my toes, because I have long skinny feet and short stubby "shrimp toes", that curl ever so slightly. It is really a problem in these, because the toebox on these is just soo small.
  6. CONGRATULATIONS on your new CLs!!! All three look great, but if the Activias hurt, you might want to return or sell them. The nude Yoyos are so pretty!!! I have to agree that your DF's photography skills are subpar. Love your Marples, but your legs are smurf blue. :nuts: I am sure his photo skills will improve in time....

  7. OMG, smurfss!!! I love them so much when I was little....
    On the more serious side, I think the marpoil and the yoyos are a keeper. But, maybe you want to return the activas since they are not phyton and hurt you. You have got lovely pairs already and the HG is coming, so I don't think, if I were you, I would feel that I need to hold on to them at all.
    Lovely shoes!
  8. OH MY NERD!!! I love em all,mk
  9. LOL @ smurf blue

    I tried to fox the color in photo editing, but it was the flash.

    So yall dont think my toes look funny in the Marples?
  10. honestly,mk, your feet look just right to me. I have seen some pics of the peeps feet in Maples(not here at TPF) and it looks like the feet and the shoes are at war...pinky toe hanging out of the shoe,big toe looks's just a mess:roflmfao:.
  11. They all look GREAT! I would return anything that is uncomfortable. Uncomfortable shoes are so not worth having.
  12. All your shoes look great, congrats. My favorite are the nude yoyos, that is such a great classic shoe. I am so glad that you are getting the nude VPs too.

  13. No, your toes look fine. But your blue skin looks funny! haha! :P

    I like them all but I LOOOVE the yoyos!
  14. haha aww thanks guys! I guess I am so used to peoples toes looking uncomfortable, that mine look funny to me.

    I LOOOOVE the yoyos as well! The Marples and the Yoyos are just awesome. The Activas will go back, unless there is someone on here that didnt get a chance to get them that wants them?
  15. I agree, just say no to the activas since they hurt. The yoyo's look outstanding and if the marples are comfy they are also keepers.