Come ON 5:00!!

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  1. I just got a text that my Miss Marples and my black patent python Activas were delivered at 10:30 this morning to my house! I want it to hurry up and be 5 so I can go home to them!! :wlae:

    Wow, I hope my shoes are still there, after sitting on my front porch all day...:wtf:
  2. I LOVE going home to new CLs awaiting me!
  3. Me three.
  4. Ooooo, that is so exciting!!! Can't wait to see pics.....:popcorn:
  5. I will post some when I get home to them! Right now the backs of my ankles are KILLING me, as well as one of my toes. My NP is a half size bigger than my VP, but they are still a little tight. Is there any way to make the elastic more comfortable? Good lord.
  6. What you can do for NPs to stretch out that elastic a little is to stuff the toe box w/ that tissue it comes in, plus a little extra so it's fuller, and then position that plastic stick the way it came new and then have the elastic extended overnight. That should work relieve that tightness. When I first got mine, I was impatient and could not wait to extend my NP elastic (in addition to forgetting to do this the night before), so I cut a piece of MoleSkin to fit an area at the Achilles’ heel and it works to cushion that rub.
  7. Umm its 6:50 in texas WHERE ARE THE PICS LOL
  8. Yey, can't wait to see pics.
  9. its past 5 !! post the pics pleaz =)
  10. tick...tock..tick...tock...
  11. I GOT THEM!

    Oh tragedy!!!!!!!!!

    They sent me the black and cork Activas! NOT the python ones! (The good thing is they charged me for the cork ones.)

    I called the folks at Bluefly, they said the item numbers were one number off, and there may have been a mistake. But the python activa in my size is sold out.

    I am not sure how I feel about them. The pictures I took are terrible, but tell me what you think!
  12. Im still waiting on the pictures to upload to photobucket.

    *elevator music*
  13. yayayayaya so excited!!
  14. :popcorn::drinkup:
  15. :supacool: